El Pulté Golf

Real estate

A community growing in sustainability and harmony.

Since the beginning, this project has always aimed to become much more than a Golf Club. Our goal is to create a dynamic community around the impressive design of one of Pete Dye’s Signature Golf Courses.

Respecting our shared values, a number of quantity and quality options are being developed for El Pulté Golf:


El Pulté Golf course offers three types of terrain: Golf Front, Premium and Silver. Located in different areas of the project, each offers a wide variety of attractions. Most are adjacent to the golf course, others are surrounded by forests and all three offer superb views.


Extending the Project portfolio, consideration is being given to developing residences with uniform architecture and integrated modules. Specific areas have been selected to achieve a harmonious integration with the rest of the El Pulté Golf properties.


Strategically chosen sectors have been reserved for integration with the development of apartment towers. Designed in harmony with the environment, these residential towers won’t interrupt the views of neighboring properties.